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Sylvia Jones

Don Draper Demonstrates in His Clogs

we were in the woods trying to find a
good position on a hill to see some kind
of moon event later, don was wearing clogs
when we came back at night, we were running
through the forest and the sky was lit in a way wherein
the forest was orange even though it was nighttime but
when we got to the place, we had found earlier it was
covered in water, don was trying to demonstrate in his clogs
that it was very shallow where we wanted to stand

Sylvia Jones reads “Don Draper Demonstrates in His Clogs”


Off the Backwoods’ Cherry

Oh! How the duvet glows
like a tongue

in my pocket,
Luckily neither I nor you

are oak trees. Or cherries
in some kind of disturbance

adjacent to confectionery labor.
The mattress ablaze and whetting

with haste while your grandmother’s sister—
she cleans your house?

Sylvia Jones reads “Off the Backwoods’ Cherry”


Sylvia Jones recently served as a 2021-22 Stadler Fellow in literary editing. She earns a living working as an editor at Black Lawrence Press and as a part-time adjunct teaching creative writing and composition at Goucher College and George Washington University. She also reads intermittently for Ploughshares. Her writing appears in DIAGRAM, the Hopkins Review, the Santa Clara Review, Shenandoah, The Cortland Review, and elsewhere. She earned her MFA from American University in Washington D.C. She lives and writes in Baltimore, MD with her partner Agata and their cat, Theo.