Issue 86



Issue 86

Editor’s Note

Christian Gullette


Mark Wunderlich
Sarah Audsley
Steven Sanchez
Ananda Lima
Jerome Ellison Murphy
Robin Rosen Chang
Vernita Hall
D. Nurkse
Joan Fleming
Martha Silano
CJ Evans
Alexis Sears
Satya Dash
Francisco Aragón
John Bonanni
Steven Kleinman
Jenny Molberg 
Dan Kraines
Jessica Laser
Frances Richey
Brad Richard
Marlin M. Jenkins
Ben Kline
Victoria Ritvo
Sharon Dolin
George David Clark
Eric Fishman
Emily Moore
Doug Ramspeck
Spencer Reece

Book Reviews

Esteban Rodríguez reviews Fruit by Bruce Snider
Lindsay Lusby reviews Atomizer by Elizabeth A. I. Powell
David Rigsbee reviews Middle Distance by Stanley Plumly

On The Cover

Unruly Blocks (Rainbow), detail
Rose Vickers
Found rulers and yardsticks
9 x 12 inches

Rose Vickers is a British Artist who uses found rulers and yardsticks to make mostly large scale works, which often reference simple geometry as well as being inspired by the design traditions involved in the making of patchwork quilts.

This is a rare, small piece that makes use of the most colorful yardsticks in her collection and was specially made for an auction to raise money for Jamaica Street Studios.

Please visit her website and Instagram account