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Sophie Klahr

A Psych Med Speaks

            …everyday objects shriek aloud
                      -Réne Magritte

Without me, you were catnip to the distance.

Bad with goodbyes to say the least, and great with flight,

great auk-like. You were flung, written of—

you were off. Ulcered, cried-uncled. Ughed

and dragged; unzipped your forearms

while drunk: no luck—

the scars like days marked on a cell wall.

Now, you take me, and you see less.

No great dark dog in the subway at the edge of things.

You do not dare forget me.

Hush now.

Sophie Klahr is the author of Two Open Doors In A Field (Backwaters Press/University of Nebraska, 2023), and Meet Me Here At Dawn (YesYes Books). Her work appears in publications such as The New Yorker and American Poetry Review. She is about to move to Los Angeles, and teaches online: