February 2000

J.T. Barbarese


J.T. Barbarese J. T. Barbarese is the author of New Science (University of Georgia, 1989) and an adaptation of Euripides’ Children of Heracles (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1999). His poetry and fiction have appeared widely, and he is a frequent contributor to The Sewanee Review and The Southern Review. He lives in Philadelphia, PA, and is an Assistant Professor of English at Rutgers University in Camden, NJ.

Joy    Click to hear in real audio

sometimes appears where nothing was
as wildflowers will
suddenly there in the afterstorm
on the banks of ragged hills

just as a passing trucker,
roaring by, happens to look
past the angles of his fingernails
and the cover of the matchbook

between his teeth, and asks himself
what’s new in that old field
and feels his lonely surprised heart
shaken, and maybe healed.




J.T. Barbarese: Poetry
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