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Will Schutt

Large Dark Lit Portrait

So much paint
has gone into him, all you see is
paint strokes, or pockets
where the knife was lifted.

It seems dumb
luck a person should emerge from it,
and when you blink
it’s back into paint he goes.

—Those days at school,
when you were forced to face the wall,
and couldn’t, to defend yourself, speak,
you’d search the wall for a face like this.

Once outside
the clouds go thick/thin—
a thinness to affirm.

Will Schutt reads “Large Dark Lit Portrait”


Will Schutt is the author of Westerly (Yale University Press) and translator, most recently, of Brief Homage to Pluto and Other Poems by Fabio Pusterla (Princeton University Press). More information can be found on his website wcschutt.com.