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Clarence White

Moonlight Dance

I wrap my body around you
and my limbs vibrate
with a tang
that rings in my ears
echo I will not forget
as I color the shape of
your body

brush my hands
down the subtle curves
comb through brown braided locks
strings of music
in tune with the night air

I do not mind being lost;
there is a band playing
behind me
leads me to starry stillness
crickets and the slumber
of the city

in which I met you
where we love, live
follow the tracks
of unseen neighbors
they spy us, smile
know the buzz in our dance

tangled limbs
swing, sway, backbone slips
away; down slopes
they wonder
if this music could ever be made

Clarence White reads “Moonlight Dance”


Clarence White is a typewriter poet, and curator, published in the Saint Paul Almanac, Suisun Valley Review, Public Art Review, and others. His essay “Smart Enough for Ford” appears in Blues Vision: African American Writing from Minnesota. He is a past Givens Retreat Fellow and current Fellow in the Loft Mentor Series. He lives in Saint Paul.