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William Fargason

Ode To Klonopin

O first responder     O pinprick
of smoke     weld my synapses
like two sponges     becoming one
every shadow     filling with light
O blanket of reality     I enter a field
where you are gatekeeper    a field

it seems     everyone else walks through
daily     O patched hole in my tire
O little chemical pearl     O break in case
of emergency     O bowling bumpers
I come to you     needing only you
I trace my wrists my neck     my pulse
unfindable     O warmth of my mother
O June     sometimes I split you

on the scored line     take half
I know     I will be back for more
the anxiety always     electricity
a thunder in my body     O surge

protector     keep me safe for the night
for four to six hours     let me sleep
without waking mid-attack     again
keep me     until I can’t keep you anymore

William Fargason reads “Ode To Klonopin”

William Fargason is the author of Love Song to the Demon-Possessed Pigs of Gadara (University of Iowa Press, 2020), and the winner of the 2019 Iowa Poetry Prize. His poetry has appeared in The Threepenny Review, Prairie Schooner, New England Review, Barrow Street, Narrative, and elsewhere. His nonfiction has appeared in Brevity and The Offing. He earned a BA in English from Auburn University, an MFA in poetry from the University of Maryland, and a PhD in poetry from Florida State University. He is the poetry editor of Split Lip Magazine. He lives with himself in Tallahassee, Florida.