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Brian Simoneau

Neighborhood Ode

Praise the bare branch, broken
     planters spilling soil and seeds unseen

till spring. Praise the icicle’s daily
     melt and nightly freeze, reminder

every season gathers and scatters all
     at once, ever a harvest and ever

its chaff. Praise the chaff, make
     of it altars. Praise the wreckage

of every act, patches of yellow grass
     and mounds of shoveled snow, howling

wind and summer’s stagnant heat. Praise
     the cello and the cellist who lugs it

on a crowded bus. Praise
     buses, praise trains, the driver

who rings a bell for a child
     who waves and waits for another

to pass her way. Praise the way
     of trolleys and trains, buses

rumbling round and round, a song
     the child sees and so believes in song.

Brian Simoneau reads “Neighborhood Ode”

Brian Simoneau is the author of the poetry collections No Small Comfort (Black Lawrence Press, 2021) and River Bound (C&R Press, 2014). His poems have appeared in Boston Review, Cincinnati Review, Colorado Review, Crazyhorse, Four Way Review, The Georgia Review, Mid-American Review, Salamander, Third Coast, Waxwing, and other journals. Originally from Lowell, Massachusetts, he lives near Boston with his family.