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Jessica Laser

Several Unisons

Just to see the grain in the wood
The grave in the world

The building I love
To look in but own

Then release it like a groan
I love to look in the window but own the building

A broken spoke clicks against
The rim so fast it

Sounds continuous
But it is all just little clicks

Just to see the government inside
People come

To the TV
A white convertible with leather seats

Rolls by and not continuously
And not enviously

To watch it
And let it


Several Unisons

Love, conveyed by one of two belts, the other
For beating, does the heart a favor and another

For beating. To sit at the edge and spit over it.
To be scolded. If everyone did that we’d

Have a new ocean, a leash sprayed on a dog
Like a preexisting condition. The dog is spayed,

The leash frayed that stalks it, that retains
A dog that would otherwise stalk.

Several Unisons

Objects that don’t belong to me
Pass through lives of the living

In arcs which are real
Arch back like a spine in

Pleasure, come to stone
Under which objects

Haven’t lived yet, people
The great inscription reads

Patience will set you
Someone has carved out the free


Jessica Laser reads “Several Unisons” – “Just to see the grains in the wood”

Jessica Laser reads “Several Unisons” – “Love, conveyed by one of two belts, the other”

Jessica Laser reads “Several Unisons” – “Objects that don’t belong to me”

Jessica Laser  is the author of  Sergei Kuzmich from All Sides  (Letter Machine Editions, 2019) and  Planet Drill  (Futurepoem Books, forthcoming). She lives in Berkeley, where she is a PhD student in English.