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The Mill / Housatonic
Pastels, 7X10
by Wendy Goldberg

Editor's Note

The Cortland Review celebrates Issue 75's cover artist, Wendy Goldberg. Wendy studied art at Cornell University where she "fell in love," she says, "with the moody, dynamic skies and landscape." Variously described as "Intimist, Tonalist and Impressionist," Wendy's atmospheric, semi-abstract, luminous rural and urban landscapes have an eerie expressiveness--her intention is to draw out the essential mood of a subject through simplicity and suggestion.

She attempts to distill what is "mysterious, ephemeral and often dreamlike. Objects and images, which by daylight seem incidental and commonplace, become simplified and extraordinary at night under limited or artificial light in compositions that speak as much about form and abstract shape as they do about atmosphere and essence. The Cortland Review invites you, reader, into Issue 75 the same way Wendy invites you into "The Mill / Housatonic." Find more of Wendy Goldberg's work online and discover why she's in both public and private collections throughout the county and abroad.

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The Cortland Review staff as well as its contributors thank you, our readers. All of this is for you.
Ginger Murchison
Editor in Chief


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Daniel Ross Goodman
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David E. Rigsbee
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Shannon Castleton
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