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Kathryn Weld

Kathryn Weld

Kathryn Weld's poems have appeared in journals such as The Midwest Quarterly, Southeast Literary Review, Valparaiso Poetry Review, Bellevue Literary Review and others. She earned her MFA in Poetry at Sewanee School of Letters and her PhD in Mathematics at the Graduate Center of CUNY. Gardener, weaver and amateur carpenter, she is also a professor of mathematics at Manhattan College.

Rhapsody of Sonia Trying to Rest in a Hopper Painting

                  —After "Rooms by the Sea," Edward Hopper. Oil on canvas.

She catches only a catnap before the walls
begin to luff, before the sea wind swings

the door wide open. Outside is nothing
to look upon but blue waves cut in furrows

by off-shore winds. No solid ground except
the bare floor scoured by sun. That ornate

gold frame on the wall is lying about stability -
the house lists. It drags against the mooring.

So much space in these spare rooms, she can't see
what's rushing in or leaving; so much space

she never knows if God will grab the tiller.
Each morning she wakes on a new continent.


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