Spring 2004

Andrew Frisardi


Andrew Frisardi This marks an author's first online publication Andrew Frisardi was the recipient of the 2003 Raiziss/de Palchi Translation Prize, from the Academy of American Poets, for Giuseppe Ungaretti: Selected Poems (FSG, 2002). He and his wife have been living in Orvieto, Italy, since 1999.
Mercy    Click to hear in real audio

Maybe the only missing piece of knowledge,
The whole, is known.
Everybody's mum about it;
A moment of acknowledgment
Would lift the sanction.
But there is a kind of half-life to learning—
An oil spot's changing ratios
Of blue, gold, and green.
And violence, sometimes, is a way
To beauty: momentary rainbows
Inside the drenched prisms.
God has patented the formula
For emptiness. A diptych shows
The Mithraic-Christian knight
Spearing old Wormwood;
A hinge away, serenely Byzantine,
The sorrowing Madonna, her face
Concentric, mother of mercy
Cradling the swathed spitfire,
Mercy himself.



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