TCR Holiday Special 1998

David Graham


David Graham
David Graham

David is the editor of The Blue Moon Review.  He wishes us a happy holiday season with a new poem dealing with the Christmas spirit that develops in an office environment.


All Employee Christmas Party    Click to hear RealAudio

Must be my necktie squeezing sense
out of me, how I smile at cad,
buffoon, and pompous drone:

peace to all! I incline
with a courtier's gracious ease,
just slightly out of plumb,

already plotting my sidle
to the generous punch bowl
where a student ladling champagne

grades these proceedings low.
Or should I heave cornerward,
where a couple misfit friends jest

about the swirl of primary reds
and greens, suffocating haze
of mothball and perfume? I know

how easily I could wade between
that colleague and another's
third wife, and truly unfreeze

their becalmed chat. . . . Office banter
fights shoes that pinch, jewelry
swaying in the jazz of fond

emphasis. I'm all ornament here,
glittery and too fragile
for anything but the glaring display

amid the carcrash anecdotes
and refinanced mortgages. Thanks. G'night.
Stars mark my renewed apprenticeship

under the aspect of eternity
with cold air whose flurries
sting and daze my dulled eyes.

I begin to feel my sodden heart
swell with fellowship for one and all
once I'm shuffling the black ice homeward.



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